Jake Bugg – Giving Away Saffron

The Saturday at Reading Festival wasn’t particularly easy on me.  I had just missed the news that Green Day were performing a surprise gig in one of the small tents, and it had been shut off from public view after so many people crowded in there.  In my huff I stormed off to find something better than Green Day, and  found myself at the front of the Festival Republic Stage.

After Don Broco had been on, and after what felt like an eternity (and three cups of what I hope was warm beer thrown at the back of my head) the next act came on and I forgot all the crap I had endured the past two hours.  Jake Bugg saved my Saturday.

Jake has made an impression on a lot of big names in music such as Noel Gallagher, Elton John and Jack White to name a few and they all had urged people to listen to his music. Boasting influences by Donovan, Bob Dylan, Don McLean, Hendrix, Oasis, and The Beatles you would think it hard to cram all of those into a set list, never mind one song.  Anyways, I was impressed after his eight song setlist and promised myself I would go home and listen to more.

In the year since he signed to a label, he has released a high amount of quality music, including his E.P “Taste It” with songs such as “Kentucky”, “Love Me the Way You Do”, “Green Man”, and of course, “Taste It”.  Other hit singles followed with “Country Song” which was picked up by Green King IPA for their adverts and “Lightning B0lt” a song about his quick rise to success which also was used in the 2012 Olympics by Usain Bolt when he won Gold this year.  I recently joined his website and as a reward I was gifted a free song called “Saffron”.  As I listened to it I could hear every influence blending together brilliantly in just one song.  You can clearly hear Dylan’s “Don’t Think Twice”, Donovan’s “Catch the Wind” or even Noel Gallagher’s “Talk Tonight”. The song itself lasts a whole of 2 minutes, and is of high production quality leaving you feeling like you’re in front of a live show.

At just 18 years of age he has supported The Stone Roses, appeared on BBC Introducing, played Reading, appeared on Jools Holland and is about to release his debut album out in mid October. On top of all this his tour kicks off very soon as well as his support slot for Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds. If you can’t wait until his debut album then there is plenty for you online, on his website or on iTunes to whet your appetite. They’re almost giving it away!!!

Jake Bugg: Taste It E.P