About the Author CarolineVice

Here to live, have fun and then write about it. Prefers things to be weird, unusual and away from the crowds. Travel list includes Iceland, Faroe Islands, Georgia, Hungary, Mongolia, Uzbekhistan, Siberia, Botswana… subject to frequent change. Tumultuous love-hate relationship with London, dislikes public transport and planning; loves the outdoors and sitting cross legged on floors. Writing falls somewhere between the cracks of journalism, criticism, features, opinions and stream of consciousness. Sometimes acerbic, other times naïve. Described by one reader as “unique”. Areas of quasi expertise: Russia, Scandinavia, books and literature, music, art, film, sexual politics, good and bad theatre, odd things done, remarkable exhibitions, places to sip tea, slug wine and be gluttonous, far flung lands and alien cultures. Has created anthologies of poetry, is whipping up a children’s book and has ideas and aspirations for much more. Yet to decide who she is and where she is headed – hop on board for the ride.