FOUND came to Lambeth!! It was a slow start to the morning with clouds hanging over London, but the sun FOUND us, and by 4pm the queue’s were around the corner! Brixton was busting with trendy, young, local people and other from all over London and further. People were on top form, dressing to impress and celebrate the start of festival season.

Find your way

I am lucky enough to be a local to the area myself, so I really love what this means to the area. Bring people to have a good time a pump some fresh money into the area. Lambeth is looking to have more events in Brockwell Park this year and I am all for it. It brings people together and uses a park that has long been used for events, Jayday, Pride, Purple in the Park Festival, other political marches, concerts from Manic Street Preachers and The Damed. So, moving into the future, it is great to know the park will be a platform for music and people once more. Though slightly controversial with some locals, I think they missed the point that it breathes new life into the area and makes the park work for itself.

Smoking up the decks

5 Stage to choose from

5 Stages to choose from


The main stage was alight with the likes of Ellen Allien, Anja Schneider with the sun shining on the happy crowd. This has to be said that everyone I came across was friendly, open and having laugh. Two guys were in there striped PJ’s , much like banana’s in pajama’s and someone else share some sugar cane with me. I then myself shared it. It was just that sort of low key fun where people felt comfortable and no-one wanted to cause trouble.



Never miss a beat

Never miss a beat

Now, the Bohemian VIP area sponsored by NTS radio was just the right break once and a while with mattresses’, umbrella’s all distinctly Moroccan and bohemian. To add a touch of shine ,the girls from Bohemian Jewellery were there decorating the guest with wonderful jewellery tattoo’s, a stunning fun touch to get people in a party and festival mood?!! I’m a big fan and will be rocking these this summer. The back drop to all this, some fantastic tunes from Mosca, Marquis Hawkes and wrapping it up Dark Sky.

Vandana Peacock Martha


Bohemian Jewellery.

Bohemian Jewellery.

Spilling out the park and into some locals for a couple to end it all off with the darkness just setting in, the Found organisers and the PR team from Listen up did a great job of getting the word out there and making it a special day for everyone. Plus, the fun is not over yet, with 3 more festivals to come; 51st State is next in line on the 8th of August, and much more this summer!!