In my complete excitement for the impending Kooks concert at the House of Blues in Boston (May 26), I have decided to share one of my favorite Kooks songs.  But firstly, if you have never listened to the Kooks before, I’m going to share with you a few reasons why you should love them.

Reason #1- They sound raw.  Maybe that’s not a good thing to you, but I love it.  They’re the essence of sounding like they recorded it in their garage and yet it doesn’t matter because they sound great.

Reason #2-  Much more subjectively, you can hear lead-singer, Luke Pritchard’s strong British accent.  (A big plus for me because I love foreign accents)!

Reason #3- Their music is seriously catchy.  With rhythms and beats ranging from pop to reggae and ska, it was bound to be catchy.

Reason #4- Their lyrics are original.  Not that there is anything wrong with variations on a theme but I can actually say that from song to song and album to album, it does not come off that way.

Reason #5- Well, you’ll just have to take my word for it that they are great.

The band has three albums out, as well as several EPs and singles. This particular song is from their first album, ‘Inside In/Inside Out’.   They are touring right now while promoting their newest album, ‘Junk of the Heart’, which was released last September.

Listen and enjoy, guys!  Much love,