We’ve all heard ‘At Last’. All you have to do is go to a wedding or watch a movie that has a wedding in it and you have heard the song.  It’s beautiful, don’t get me wrong, and wildly romantic. The nice thing about great artists though is that their catalog of work is huge. Etta James is one such artist. She was impeccable- her voice, magical. ‘A Sunday Kind of Love’  is my favorite Etta song. Just the first few bars raises the hair on my arms! Also, the idea of having a kind of love that lasts all the time- even on lazy Sundays when nothing exciting or new is going on, it’s a kind of love that we all would want, right?

Thanks for putting up with my second jazz post, guys. It’s rainy again today, and I figured that if I did a post about one of jazz’s best male singers, there should only be the same for one of the best females.

Much love,