Genre: indie/alt/shoegaze


This is My Bloody Valentine’s second full album and SO MBV it’s ridiculous.

The signature dreamy vocals over the harsh guitar and solid bass is what makes MBV so good – and so progressive, especially seeing as they’re from the 80s. The distortion of the music and general “shoegaze” approach of the music is here in it’s epitome.

The band had a constantly changing line-up, but I feel you can always tell when a band is still in their early days – there is something much more raw and unpractised in bands that are still relatively “new” (at least compared to the older ones!). The music is continuous throughout the album, and all the songs recognisable.

MBV is reflected currently in bands like Yuck and The History of Apple Pie. Worth a listen if you like a grunge-y, late 80s-early 90s feel to your music.

C x