Genre: alt/punk


The Smashing Pumpkins are an alternative band formed in Illinois in the late 80s. Adore is one of their later recordings, in which what are considered to be some of their signature sounds (eg. heavy guitar) is abandoned for a more gentle feel.

Shields’ vocals are distinctive, as usual, and never fail to deliver that relaxed feel to the music. The breaks fit perfectly and the drums are more up-beat than the rest – I find it strange to hear them so strongly produced instead of just in the background!

The use of alternative sounds, not just the standard band line-up, makes this band stand out from many others from that time – making them rather unique in that sense. These also fit with the grunge scene that was around at the time; I feel the highlighting factor with this band is definitely Sheild’s vocals.

Listen to this if you like Sonic Youth, Pixies or The Cure.

C x