After waiting and waiting and waiting Its finally arrived, yesterday on the 5th of March 2012, Dry The River officially released their début album “Shallow Bed”. The London five piece have gone from strength to strength and being signed onto Sony records last year has only fast-forwarded the laying of their path to stardom. Being the lucky chap I am I got to see DTR twice in one day on the first of March. Before their incredible official gig at The Hippodrome I was treated to a very very special performance at Banquet Records. Myself and around thirty others were in awe as Dry The River played a complete acoustic set with no amps or microphones. Just about as good as live music gets (You can see videos from both gigs below) – Bible Belt at Banquet Records, Kingston – No Rest at The Hipordrome, Kingston But not only this I had the pleasure of meeting the band and getting an advanced signed copy of their album four days before official release. It has since that moment not left my car, being played constantly on every drive. As you can tell from the picture below I was chuffed and for a twenty three year old I still think this is a little bit cool.

With stunning soft vocals, harmonies and anthemic sounds this bands bleak and beautiful songs show that hope can be found anywhere. With tracks such as “Chambers and the Valves” showing the importance of friends and just having a good time, contrasted with “Demons” and ” Lions Den” showcasing their darker side the band offers something for everyone. I cant stress enough how much I love this band, they are everything and more of what every band should be like. Their album is perfect and I cant wait to see them again soon. Find out more on their website here and buy their album from Banquet Records here. The sinpet of a track above is called “Lions Den” Enjoy 😀