Last night was a day to remember for The Maccabees as the London five piece made their official return to The Capital. With many fans waiting with hot anticipation outside the venue hours before they were due to take to stage, this night was set up to be something special.

Support last night was provided by the “Trailer Trash Tracies” a local band who are understood to be friends of band. This being the fifth time I have had the pleasure to see The Maccabees I was hoping for someone fantastic, to keep in-line with their previous support acts over the years; acts such as Mumford and Sons, Tribes, and Josh Weller have all been a very much welcomed edition to their gigs. However The so called Trailer Trash Tracie’s were a big disappointment. With out of tune (of what can only be described as) “wailing” by the lead singer. and a set consisting of songs with no real flair and originality. The band tried hopelessly to win around a crowd of people who were starting to wish they stayed at home.

However after the half hour disaster that was their set, the crowd welcomed back the triumphant Maccabees. The set consisted of a perfect mix of crowd favourites “no kind words” , “lego” and “precious time”, as well as songs from the new album. Of which “Pelican” and “Grew up at Midnight” seemed to go down particularly well, with the vast majority of the energetic crowd knowing every word. It was yet again a complete pleasure to see the Maccabees and with their latest album “Given To The Wild” gracing the number one spot its all onwards and upwards for the band.


Find out more here. Be sure to check out their videos and tunes as they are are “exceedingly good cakes”. Enjoy.