‘No One’ is the third song to be released by London rapper and vocalist, Maverick Sabre from the debut album ‘Lonely are the Brave’, which is to be released on the 27th January. The single comes out on the 6th February and is sure to be a hit, given the previous success the artist has already enjoyed with singles ‘Let me Go’ and ‘I Need’. The song is upbeat, jazzy and for me is like a male version of ‘Tears Dry on their Own’ by the late Amy Winehouse, echoing a similar style of percussion, backing vocals and guitar rhythm. The tonal quality of Maverick Sabre’s voice is reminiscent of other artists that have gone down the hip hop turned soul star route; the obvious person to compare him with would be fellow Londoner Plan B. Albeit not too unique in sound, Maverick Sabre’s voice is wonderfully appropriate for his genre and his ability to create enjoyable tracks should not go unnoticed.