A new reality show is appearing about women in wheelchairs who lead active lives. It’s called Push Girls. Producers are already planning another show based on it. Titled Spin Off, it will be entirely bloopers.

The producers of the Spider-Man musical are counter-suing Julie Taymor, claiming the show is a success in spite of her, not because of her. Meanwhile, Taymor is threatening the producers that she’ll give away Spider-Man’s true identity. 

The Chinese have named an indigenous dinosaur species they discovered. It apparently went extinct before other dinosaurs did. Paleontologists say the Chinese dinosaur appears to have lasted a short while because it “…inexplicably fell apart after, like, a week.”

A recent newspaper article suggested the Pokemon creators are becoming lazy with the new characters they add. Examples include an ice cream cone, gas pump, bull, and the newest Pokemon: the Mexican, as inspired by the Pokemon tagline, “Gotta catch ‘em all!”

H&M will run a Superbowl commercial featuring David Beckham. TV execs plan to tell the Swedish clothing manufacturer what football means in America after the ad runs.

Chinese users of Weibo, their equivalent of Twitter, quadrupled in 2011. Weibo is different than Twitter in that users can only have two tweets per week, and both have to be hashtagged #Male. 

A new study found that 59% of millionaires feel obliged to donate money. The other 41% don’t feel confident contributing to the Republican party.

President Obama’s campaign wish-list for celebrity supporters was leaked. It includes Jay-Z, Adam Levine, Vampire Weekend, Arcade Fire, Lady Antebellum, Will.i.am and Bill.i.can, which is what former President Clinton is calling himself now that Hillary is always away.

Cougar Town will return to television on February 14th, giving countless women a valid reason for not having a date on Valentine’s Day. 

Jay-Z has disavowed use of the word “Bitch” in all his rap music because of the birth of his daughter. Of course, it begs the question of whether he’ll also disavow profiting from glorifying inner city black-on-black drug related violence, should he ever have a black child.

Yahoo co-founder Jerry Yang has resigned from the company. He says he made the decision after he spent about three minutes researching people’s opinions about Yahoo using Google.

The International Telecommunication Union’s Radiocommunication Assembly, who decide matters relating to time, are debating getting rid of the leap second. If eliminated, it would mean that after a century, Earth time would be delayed by several minutes. A big opponent of this is Mitt Romney, who says it would only serve to further delay Republicans accepting him. 

Diplomats report that Iran is enriching Uranium from a bunker. The plans were found under a crate in the presidential tree house.

Apple is being sued for copyright infringement by the Chinese, who claim Apple stole their methodology for committing vast intellectual property theft.

A judge has again rejected Rick Perry’s application for a place on the Virginia primary ballot. Only Ron Paul and Mitt Romney will be on it. The judge explained his decision as based on the fact Perry applied after the deadline, adding, “I couldn’t rule in favor of him anyway. I’m a traffic court judge in Delaware.” 

Top fashion designers are collaborating on a line supporting Obama’s 2012 election called Runway to Win. The 2008 one was called Runway to Change. America, however, is really just hoping for this presidency to Take-Off.

The Golden Globes received criticism for putting gold flake on the food served to attendees this year. Of course, the real crime is how much gold was wasted on the winners.

Paula Deen told the Today Show she has Type 2 diabetes and is a paid spokeswoman for Novo Nordisk, a drug company known for encasing all their medications in sticks of butter.

Australian researchers have named a new fly after Beyonce because of its gold bum. They named another new fly after Ashley Simpson, because it has no buzz.

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