Smooth R&B singer Rhettie is back with a new single to send us off towards the end of the summer in the right fashion. “Party” sounds like something Usher and David Guetta would have put together while vacationing in Miami (and I’m half surprised we don’t have Pitbull showing up in the middle of it to yell Dale! – he’s seriously everywhere).


While the official video has yet to be released, the song has a real infectious quality, and makes you want to dance. While the Houston native is just now beginning to take his career to another level, it shouldn’t be long before the rap heads in H-town bring him into the study for a collaboration. He certainly has the ability for a memorable tune.

In case you missed it last year, he’s the video for Rhettie’s first hit, “Going Strong”. Enjoy, and follow him on Twitter @thisrhettie.