Faithless are Headlining Secret Garden Party!!

Bringing the festival people together…

When I heard Faithless are headlining Secret Garden Party this year (25th-28th July), I literally jumped out of my seat. This is a band whose lyrics move your soul and beat moves your feet and body. Obviously, I had to be the one to share this scoop with the world, as I have seen them twice once at Glastonbury and again in Maxwell’s home town, Brixton.

Maxi Jazz has been around for a while and his music speaks volumes of this… You can just stand, listen and feel moved.


Straight from Sister Bliss’s mouth comes the news about how much they are very excited to play, as they haven’t had a chance before and the venue such a beautiful place to perform.

When you see them, the stage lighting is dimmed and blue lit to enhance that soulful vibe. I always leave feeling like I have made a new friend and want to hear more, more of what that gorgeous mind has to offer.

Maxi Jazz, lighted up in blue...

Maxi Jazz, lit up in blue…

Their music will take you on a roller coaster ride you do not want to get off. Also, having been to SGP last year, I’d buy your ticket asap! The venue truly is magical and the fun day time entertainment endless, coupled with the headlining Faithless, it cannot be missed. See you there!

Bernadine Walters is a South African currently residing in London.