Living to discover; Local on a Global scale. Giving you the biased truth.

Glitterazi and TuneLove are no more. Dead. But in their place, Dead Curious rises from the ashes. It takes time in life to discover one’s niche, what we are good at and what we really love doing. And the same can be said for an online magazine like Dead Curious. Since 2011, the editorial team and all our dedicated writers have been fine tuning our skills – both technical and creative – and continue to do so.

So what are we about? Why do we exist?

Truth photo by Radworld at Creative Commons

We don’t believe in absolute truths or a one size fits all. We believe that life is made up of countless, unique experiences and perspectives and at Dead Curious we want to capture as many of these as possible. So that’s what biased truth means. A reality that is subjective and opinionated, wonderful and interesting to share.

Newspapers and large publications exist to give us modified, tailored, objective accounts of what they think is Real Life. Dead Curious wants Real Life retold with as much of the writer in it as the experience in it. And through this you will be able to get glimpses of the planet you would not have seen even if you were there yourself.


50+ countries and growing!

Our writers come from almost 50 countries. Is yours missing? Then join us and make Dead Curious even more international!

Want to do more than just write for Dead Curious? We’re looking for a few good interns too! We want some incredible people to join the Dead Curious editorial team to help us keep on creating a digital magazine like no other.

Are you plugged in, passionate about anything across film, music, the arts, travel, fashion or anything off the beaten track? Do you speak more than one language and have tons of initiative and good ideas? Do you want an internship that gives you plenty of freedom to get creative?
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