This weekend’s cocktail of choice comes from the island of Bermuda, and it just might be the second most favoured drink of yachtsmen around the world. There is, of course, much debate over what actually is’ Bermuda’s National Adult Beverage’. However, the Rum Swizzle uses Gosling’s Barbados Rum as a base, and let us not forget that Bermuda was only happened upon by the shipwrecked crew of the Virginia bound Sea Venture in a storm so strong William Shakespeare wrote a play about it. Only one cocktail originating from the land of pink beaches has a name evocative of that island’s tempestuous beginnings, the Dark ‘n’ Stormy. So, pretend those boat shoes you’re wearing around the pub are stained by the sea and not this past winter, and order one of these classic concoctions… I promise you’ll thank me later this evening, though probably not tomorrow!


Dark ‘n’ Stormy: In a highball over ice, mix one part Gosling’s Black Seal Rum with three parts Ginger Beer. Garnish with a slice of Lime. For those of you who are ridiculously lazy, it is offered in a can just like your Gin and Tonic.