Donnie Darko’s Greatest Fan Art: Part 1

Over the next four weeks Dead Curious is going to find the most creative and dedicated Donnie Darko fan out there. Devotees of the cult classic have submitted works of art to the Donnie Darko Facebook Page and now Dead Curious readers get to decide which are the weirdest and most wonderful.

Each week, one winner will be selected democratically – that’s three in total – plus two “wild card” winners. These five will make it to the finals, where an overall winner will be selected, to be be featured in our Film section, on the Dead Curious Twitter page, and the Dead Curious Facebook page. Witness some incredible art, get voting and share with all your Darko, film and art loving friends!

online poll by Opinion Stage

Let us know what contests you want to see in the future in the comments section!

  • Andrew Morgan

    It’s a fix.
    The least skillful, and the least aesthetically pleasing won in this poll.
    It still only had 26 votes. That’s probably the artists family and a few friends.
    Open voting indefinitely.
    I’m a big fan of Darko, art and in particular the idea of fanart. I didn’t know about this until just now.
    For the record the darko-lantern is my fave. In part because of the difficulty I suspect lisa had producing it. But I also like the new wave of pumpkin carving art hitting the net, particularly with Halloween just round the corner.

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