Let me start off by saying Knife Party are the new version of the orginal material from Pendulum, when Pendulum used to make killer underground D’n’B. And yes I can make that statment because the two guys that make Knife Party are from Pendulum (Rob Swire and Gareth McGrillen).

Anyway, Rage Valley is the second EP from the pair (the first being 100% No Modern Talking). Bonfire was the track that first sparked my intrest in Knife Party with its uncanny Pendulum style intro using horns and a slow built but the drop I was not expecting. The track slows down into a dubsteppy rythm centering on the electronics instead of the vocals.

Centipede is the second track and single from the EP and the better in my eyes. It starts with brilliant werid sample intro like Slam and Blood Sugar from Pendulum, but this time it’s about a centipede instead of space, still cool thought. I love the vocal drop of “Centipede!” into a thick elctro/ dubstep skank. The knife Party boys are smart and dont milk the vocal drop so it still has the desired affect. f your not creeped out by the sample at the end then your not human!

Rage Valley sounds  like a track built for a Need for Speed race, enough said.

Sleaze has a great vocal chant for an intro but lacks ideas after the drop, and the rap just dont fit at all, such a shame.