Hello everyone, I have a new track to share with you! While this isn’t a brand new track, it’s one that I just discovered. It’s called ‘Tomorrow’ by a guy named Keelan Donovan, who, I am proud to say, is a local. Hopefully with the release of his new EP titled ‘With Love’, his success could one day match that of other Mainers such as Howie Day and Ray Lamontagne.

This track in particular, I really enjoy. Starting with a riff that’s very similar to a Jack Johnson-esqu jam, the tune continues with a groovy, chill feel. With the pleasant hit of strings, it makes the perfect soundtrack to go along with the weather, as late summer gives way to autumn.

I also really enjoy the lyrics. No matter how worried we are, or how bad the day was, we always can have a new beginning tomorrow. And we have that chance to start over every single day.

Well, I hope you enjoy this as much as I do. Much love, folks,