I recently had the joy of going to the Reading Festival 2012 with the girlfriend this year, my fifth excursion to a festival her first but, my first time going to Reading as I had normally frequented the Download Festival (05,06,07 and 2010) I had swore off them after that as I felt I was to old getting fed up with having my head trampled on by drunkards looking for their tents at 3am. We went purely to see The Cure who played on the Friday and the Foo Fighters who were playing on the Sunday. After the Four days were over and the awe of the headliners had sunk in I am inclined to say that the song highlight for me was The Cure’s “Friday I’m in Love”. Yes of course it was going to be an obvious crowd pleaser considering the day they were playing as well, but I have been gigging for some time and seen some of the biggest names in music, and rarely have I seen the type of positive atmosphere that was evident before during and after this set, from people texting such messages on the screen “Hurry Up The Cure, it’s Friday and I’m in love 😀 :D” to the random bloke next to me who was running around and taking pictures of himself with people proclaiming his undying love for everyone in the nearby area. In those Three and a half minutes one song turned a crowd of 90,000 people into the biggest love in that I had ever been partied to. It was such a “gorgeous sight” and great to see people not pushing people out of the way or being cramped, listening to music and enjoying the company of like minded people. It shows the song writing strength of Robert Smith who believed he had stolen the song from someone else 20 years ago. Turns out he was on a certain type of drug which happened to induce paranoia so he was safe and actually just very clever.

The song is featured on their 1992 album “Wish” and can also be found live on their Bestival CD released last year which includes other great hits such as; Lovecats, In Between Days and Lullaby. There is also a brilliant acoustic version on a 2 disc edition of their 2001 greatest hits oddly enough entitled “Acoustic Hits”. The Cure’s set list featured a staggering 32 songs spanning their whole career playing nearly everything but “Mint Car” but I wasn’t complaining and neither was the crowd.