Icky Blossoms wear their name quite well. Their music brings together elements of rather crude garage, post punk and new wave – “icky” – alongside with colourful drops of synth pop and electronica – “blossoms”.

Brought to the world by Derek Pressnall (Tilly and The Wall), Sarah Bohling and Nik Fackler in 2011, Icky Blossoms rocked their local stage, in Omaha, Nebraska, and as an outcome recently came out with their self-titled debut album, with TV On The Radio’s Dave Sitek on board as a producer.

The track Cycle puts itself in the “icky” side of the force with its tickling low synth lines on which Bohling’s mellifluous voice is softly slipping. Add to that a smooth bass, higher-pitched synths, funky guitars and an hypnotising beat in order to get the ultimate Dark Disco tune.

The, somehow, erotic feel of this song was clearly put forward by the video, which shows sober, but nevertheless very suggestive shots of 70s and 80s porn movies. Take a look:


The album Icky Blossoms is unfortunately not out in the UK yet, but you can get via Amazon or keep on streaming them on youtube 😉