I feel there is every need to introduce an upcoming DJ and producer that goes by the name of Skanky. Skanky, also known as Louis Johnson of Enfield, North London has been creating quite a name for himself locally. He has performed in popular venues across London and around the UK pleasing crowds galore.

Skanky has been producing for a while now and began doing so from a young age. He is still only 19 and has a lot heading his way. His tracks are attracting much attention and he is beginning to get the recognition he well and truly deserves. His talent is a very special one indeed. The tracks he creates differ from one another and there is no repetitive pattern in the way that he works, bringing about a sense of curiosity for just what he will produce next.

He creates various beats blending them with vocals that make his tunes such a treat to the ears. Whether they adopt a chilled vibe or an upbeat one, they’re rising to become extremely popular on soundcloud, a renowned music website. Skankys remix of Destiny’s Child’s ‘lose my breath’ is receiving plenty of attention, it seems everybody is dubbing his work with endless praise.

Skankys take on ‘lose my breath’ introduces you to the song with the drums and the vocals following slowly afterwards. Skanky then puts his mastermind into the track dubbing the vocals and introducing an upbeat pace to the track. The late addition of Daniel Beddingfields ‘Gotta get thru this’ is an effective surprise on the track. The music from Beddingfields popular track works perfectly with the chosen vocals creating a wonderfully blended mashup. Skanky puts a slightly ghetto vibe onto this track with some of the chosen vocals and it seems to work very well.

As I said earlier, Skanky is a talented young producer and he has a lot heading his way if he continues crafting his music in the way that he’s currently doing. So, if there’s one thing you do with yourself today, make sure it’s visiting skankys soundcloud page. You won’t regret it.