The Centro Niemeyer (Avilés, Spain) has organised a music garage season for the next months with bands like The Cynics, The Devil Dogs, Manioba (The Dictators) and The Swingin’ Neckbrackers. And, the season could not have started better. Because The Cynics were here!

I have heard that the first time you see them live is magic. And sure it was. It was an awesome show: passionate, noisy, sweaty and full of loads of rock & roll. Michael Kastelic, singer and frontman of the band, jumped into the stage with his José Cuervo tequila bottle and a yellow rubber chicken. His others stage colleagues: a set of harmonicas, a tambourine and a couple of  maracas. He sang, danced, jumped and connected with the audience like nobody I had ever seen before. And, the best of all is that he really enjoys playing and making the audience enjoy. That is a clear example of a great frontman.

The other original member of the band is Gregg Kostelich. His beautiful orange Gretsch guitar was not much more beautiful and impressive than the sound he could get with his fingers. Although, people can think that the sound and style of a garage band sometimes could be a bit “teaser”, class and elegance are found in this guitarist. We could say that he dresses the band with a bit of seriousness and sense and the songs would be crippled without his essence.

The other musicians of the band are Spanish, specifically from Asturias: Angel Kaplan and Pablo González. Zealous, commited, inexhaustible, and great professionals, hey are  just the musicians needed to complete their line-up.

During the gig we could listen to songs from their early albums and from their last one: “Spinning Wheel Motel”, which has been released last year with Get Hip Recordings (the recording company owned by Gregg and his wife Barbara). It was a powerful tour by their music carreer: rock & roll, garage and folk-rock.

I am just aching to see them live again, because this is kind of addictive. After the concert, I had the chance of talking with Michael and Gregg and they just radiated naturalness and charm. As a physical memory I got this signed vinyl, but the lasting one will be a great show and a great night.

And, there is even more, in view to their approachable character my boyfriend and I have recorded an acoustic cover of one of their themes (click here). If you want to see their reactions you only have to follow them on Facebook, but I think they liked it and we are very grateful and flattered about that.

Maybe this article does not sound very objective, I always try, but I think this time I have the right to be a little subjective. Anyway, if you ever have the chance of seeing them live, you will know I am right!

Photos by Nacho Iglesias.