“The Pilgrim Rose” is a careful mixture of Americana folk, country, rock, genuineness, passion and illusion.

They come from Gijón (Asturias) although their sound is the sign of the southern americana wave. Their influences go from “The Beatles  or “The Byrds” to great country classics as “Merle Haggard” or “Johnny Cash”. If we mix all of this with the work of some talented musicians as Juanjo Zamorano (acoustic guitar and lead singer), Jesús Colino (bass), Juan Villar (electric guitar and banjo), Miguel Álvarez (drums, fiddle and vocal harmonies), Ana López (vocal harmonies) and Ricardo Fuentes (keyboard) we obtain “Brighter days will come”The Pilgrim Rose‘s debut album.

It has been recorded in the Guitar Town Studios (Cantabria) by Hendrix Röver who has also contributed to the sound of the album playing the dobro and making the musical arrangements.Vocal and guitar harmonies are the main ingredient of this work, everything surronded by this bluegrass and Americana sound which beams you up to any Tennessee 50’s tavern. 


The band started in 2009 and, after some changes respect to the original line-up and the  recording of a previous EP, they have presented last week their first album in one of the most important and mythical blues-rock bars of the spanish north: “El Paso”, which celebrated its 18th anniversary. Apart from their own compositions, they covered some rock and country classics of Dylan & Clark, The Band or Johny Cash taking a look at  their vast field of influences.

When you play the album at home you can check how good is her sound. But when you go and see them in live you realized that it is just no good, it is very good. Even better than the album one. And that is what makes a group an interesting one.

You can listen here to the songs and if you like them and want to buy the physical album, you can do it here.

As always, judge for yourself and enjoy the tunes.