I’m back in sunny Malta for a month and I cannot believe just how difficult it is to find a job. I have been looking at cafe’s, restaurants, shops, bookstores, promotion work – absolutely anything! but alas I still cannot find any vacancies, or if there are they do not want me because I’m here for just a month, which is a reasonable explanation, I guess. In these sort of times I just try to think positively and keep living my life, while at the back of my mind, I wonder if I got an email from a possible employer, sounds sad but it is completely true. Sometimes I feel like because I have no stable plan for a day, I’m a little lost, like I’m disappearing into the hours of a day, if not the minutes and seconds too.

Listening to music always brings me back to my roots. I remember, quite a while ago, when I had not listened to music for a week, I physically felt really unwell. But as soon as I heard a song on my mp3 I instantly felt better, and lately my little pleasure has been Disappear Here by Hybrid.

This is probably one of my favourite songs by Hybrid, and knowing that there is a limited vinyl album called Reappearing Here, I think I’ll listen to a few other songs on this album when I feel a little more in control of my life situation. That would feel like a perfect comeback into my life.

Sveta x