Nat King Cole – Stardust

It’s been a very rainy week here in New England and because of the trending weather, all I have listened to for the past 7 days are Jazz Standards. (Pandora has a killer station based off of Patti Page’s ‘Old Cape Cod’)! So I decided to dedicate my next post to one of my favorite singers of classic jazz, Nat King Cole. I do want to note though that this was a very hard decision because I really love Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra as well.

Most everyone has heard the song, Mona Lisa- and for good reason, it’s spectacular. ‘Stardust’ on the other hand, is also captivating and less well-known. It’s debatable BUT I think Nat’s voice may even be more velvety than Frank’s.

So, whether it’s rainy when you listen to this or not, close your eyes and take it in. I promise it will transport you to a time where things were more elegant and life was less hectic. I hope you all like Nat King Cole’s rendition of the Hoagy Carmichael classic.

Much love,


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