Although it could seem quite imposible you can visit the most important points of the region in a weekend. How? Renting a car, getting up early and really looking forward to discover new beautiful places and sceneries and taste great food. With all of that, the trip is done.

The  first stop of  my trip was Pisa. Even though this small city is really nice, it only has one important thing to see: its tower and the  surronding area which has very majestic buildings. It is funny to see how an enormous deal of turists come here to make “ridiculuos” positions to take the famous picture with the tower. In morning you can visit the main attractions of Pisa.


The second place was Lucca.It is situated in the north-west of the Tuscany region. The roman influence can be still contemplated in a great state in this city (roman designs for their streets and squares, a forum, rest of and anphiteathre). Besides it is the city where the musician Giacomo Puccini was born. He was the creator of pieces as “La Bohéme”, “Madamme Butterfly” or “Tosca”, so the Opera lovers will enjoy visiting the native house of this composer which has turned into a interesting museum. I ended the day eating a typical italian dish: tagliatelle al ragù (a mixture of pork and beef with tomate sauce) and sleeping in a nice Bed&Breakfast called “Leone di Sant’Anna”.

I spent the morning of my second day in San Gimignano. It is a little town situated on the north- central hills of the Tuscany region. Its medieval style is perfectly conserved. We can contemplate its beautiful towers, streets and buildings which have turned this town into a very turistical point. It is like if we were walking around in the XII century. Besides, as the town rises in the hills, we can observe terrific views of all The Tuscany from it.


Next step: Siena. One of the most beautiful cities of the region. It has lovely corners to visit as “Il duomo di Siena” (which is its main cathedral), “Piazza del Campo” (a spectacular medieval square which was used as an open market and where it is a beautiful fountain called “Fonte Gaia”. In this square it is celebrated the “Palio” day, a horse race). The ambiance of these old strees is lively, full of restaurantes, ice-cream parlours and shoes&bags shops. Leather is very tipical in all the Tuscany region. Siena has a good offer of museums as well: “Archivio di Stato”, “Battistero” or “Museo dell’Opera del Duomo”. Another typical thing of the Tuscany, besides the leather, is the truffle. I could enjoy here an excellent truffle dish with tagliatelle and a glass of a Siena red wine (Castellina in Chianto). If you want to rest in a fabulous and calm rural hotel I recommend the Bed & Breakfast “Il Pettirosso”. Situated at 2 km from Siena, it offers you rural apartments in the heart of the most peaceful Siena’s surrondings.

My last stop was Arezzo. Another medieval town which was catapulted to fame thanks to the director and actor Roberto Benigni (who was born in a town near here) and used this town as the main scenery for his awarded film “Life is beautiful”. The town is full of references to the film.

Renting a car when visiting Tuscany is the ideal thing. You can get lost in the beautiful scenery of this region and visit the towns you find on your way. Good views, good food and good climate. What else?

Of course, I did not forget Florence. But to visit this city you should add one day (or maybe two) more to your trip plan. Florence is the gem of  The Tuscany. If you want to discover more of this city, just read here.