The definition of  Florence is art everywhere. Every place you look at is full of art. “The Renaissance”, one of the greatest artistical movements of the world, was originated here. It was  the civilization rebirth after the ten dark centuries of “The Middle Ages”.

When you arrive at the historical center of this city you really get fascinated by its ambiance and architecture. When you are in “Ponte Vecchio” you are beamed up to an historical time where the city was the heart of the commerce, culture and economy of Italy. The “Médici” (an important florentine banker family) were the precursors of “The Rennaisance” and with them Firenze grew culturally with the work of artists like Michelangelo, Botticelli or Dante Alligheri (who is a bit previous).


Buildings like “Il Duomo de Santa Maria dil Fiore” are really breathtaking. The white marble cathedral raises majestically in the center of the city full of colourful details and religious images and sculptures. “The Signorina Place” is wonderful as well. It is full of  fantastic sculptures: a copy of “David” by Michelangelo, “Perseus”, “The rapte of the Sabine Women”, “Fountain of Neptune”, etc. In this square we can find one of the most important museums of Florence: “Galleria dei Uffizi” where there are works like “Botticelli’s Venus”.  Not so far away there is another important museum:“Galleria della Academia”. In there you can see the real “Michelangelo’s David” which really takes you with its great size, its great white purity and its fine perfection or, for example, visit the “Instruments Museum Section” and listen to a delicious and improvisated  clavichord and transverse flute concert by some musical students. “Piazza Sant Croce” is a calm medieval square where you can have an excellent capuchino or enjoy the sight of its church “Santa Croce”. You can find here some good fur shops, as Florence has always been a traditional fur and wool city,

Another interesting place, for ending your day is “Piazzale Michelangelo”: a viewpoint where you can contemplate the whole Florence illuminated.

Firenze has a lot of places and corners to get lost. The city has a mystical and dark halo that envelops you. You can find some pure and white spots but they all have a misterious overtone. This article could be endless, but as always, the best thing is to judge for yourself and dedicate a weekend to this marvellous city which changed European history and worldwide’s one too.