You know how some places are “the place to go”?  Like London was and still kind of is the place for everything (except that it’s no longer a surprise to discover a cool place in London), Amsterdam was the place to chill (now with the future regulation and the tourist invasion it’s no longer that chill), Paris is the place to shop and Berlin is the place for underground clubbing?

Well people, I’m telling you, soon enough, the place for indie music will be STOCKHOLM.

Haven’t you noticed that over the last past years we’ve been slapped with great tunes by made-in-Sweden artists? And no, the quality of their music has nothing to do with the quality of their furniture: Lykke LiMiike SnowKleerupPeter Bjorn and JohnRobyn… all wickedly good!

My last discovery very simply asserted my theory about Swedish artists plotting on overtaking the indie music stage: Former DJ Christian Niva a.k.a. Niva brought us with his EP Feverish Dreams (2011) a homogenous compilation of aerial and vibrant tracks.

I discovered him thanks to his fellow Lykke Li (I worship that girl). I was just checking on the pages she was following on Twitter in order to find some new sweds to check out, then, bingo! : I saw the Hybris page, a Swedish label, went on it, randomly picked an artist (no it wasn’t random… I picked the one with the album cover I thought was the coolest) and there: Niva.

Special mention to the song Ghost In My Head, that made me take off the second I started listening to it. It is one of those songs that can be great on a dancefloor but also sounds like the soundtrack of a dream. Spacious electronic sounds with a light beat, the singing like a soothing whisper; Ghost In My Head is a perfect combination of energy and peace and quiet, relaxing you like a summer rain.

You definitely have to take a listen at Feverish Dreams if you like The Postal ServiceWashed Out or even SLEEP  OVER.

Here’s Ghost In My Head, and click here to get to listen the entire EP.