Motor related mumbling is a pretty standard feature of everyday conversation – traffic, fuel prices, insurance costs… you get the idea. And yes, driving most certainly has its downsides. After all, it’s a way of getting from A to B; designed for purpose, not for pleasure. But with all the hours we spend in the car, it seems somewhat a shame that we build driving up to be such a chore. Since we inevitably have to make the journeys, why not make something of them? The idea of road trips today seems so cliched, but the essence of what they stand for need not lose its relevance. Whether your journey is 5 minutes or 5 hours, it’s a time where you can escape from the outside world –  your car is your bubble. Turn the music up full blast, give yourself some time to think the important things through, or seize the prime opportunity for a catch up with your driving partner; however you spend it, it’s your time. There’s no denying that driving has its annoyances, its frustrations and certainly its costs, but since we rely on it anyway perhaps the concept of a road trip is not such a weak one after all. In fact, it reminds us of everything we’ve ever loved about the freedom of getting in a car and hitting the ‘open’ road.