Mirror Mirror is the first of two films set for release this year that is based upon the famous tale of Snow White. Directed by Tarsem Singh Mirror Mirror is a family friendly film that takes the original story and tampers with it. Snow White (Lily Collins) sets out to regain her kingdom that has been stolen by the evil queen (Julia Roberts) with the help of seven dwarfs and a dashing prince.

Lily Collins is wonderfully cast as Snow White; she is both charming and believable while certainly looking the part. Julia Roberts however gives a mediocre performance in one of her first antagonist roles as the evil Queen. Roberts’s attempts to provide comedy but her poor execution puts the joke on her. Meanwhile Armie Hammer does his best at portraying the charming Prince Alcott as does Nathan Lane as the Queens servant Brighton. Providing that the audience don’t research the film and simply watch it based on its trailers then there is a rather unexpected inclusion of a certain actor that comes as a pleasant surprise for fans of theirs.

The seven dwarfs are one of the key elements to the classic tale of Snow White and Mirror Mirror has decided to revision them with new personas. The film does its best to make them the lovable characters they are known to be but comes up a little short. They are definitely an enjoyable inclusion that bring a few laughs.

One nice alteration that the film makes is that it empowers the princess Snow White, portraying her as a strong and capable young lady. The film uses this to change the typical story that always sees the prince save the princess rather than vice versa. It isn’t exactly a new or ground breaking idea however it is a breath of fresh air that creates yet another admirable heroine. This year’s cinema trend, it would seem.

‘The film truly is a visual piece of art…’

Much like Tarsem Singh’s Immortals, Mirror Mirror features some stunning set design with its lavish draping materials of stunning gold and vibrant reds and blues. The film truly is a visual piece of art that Singh is becoming famous for. It isn’t however only the set design that is inspired bySingh’s Indian heritage as the films credits feature a catchy Bollywood inspired number that includes the entire cast. The song’s easy lyrics will have you singing from the cinema to car; “I believe, I believe, I believe…”

Although a slight reimagining of how the classic fairytale goes, Mirror Mirror is poorly executed. With the bad writing and sloppy directing making for a regrettably dull film that never really goes anywhere. Admittedly it’s an easy watch that has few distractions yet if you want to see Snow White at its best then grab yourself a copy of the classic Disney animated version. Not only is it far superior yet it’s also makes for a much more enjoyable watch.  Mirror Mirror is a light hearted film that’s comedic scenes keep the kids chuckling and some adults smirking. It’s one for a family gasping to get out the house.

Popcorn & Soda Rating: 2/5
What did you think of Tarsem Singh’s reimagining of the classic Snow White tale?