I think we could all agree that there is more than one side to love.  It’s not all happily-ever-afters- there is hurt, insecurity, longing etc as well.  In her album, The Other Side of Love, Amy Stroup decided to search into some of those aspects of the thing we call ‘Love’.  She’s been quoted as saying, “When you actually live through something real, you realize there are a lot of aspects of love… There’s a lot of pain. It takes courage. There’s something you have to fight for. Actually living a life with someone gets ugly.”  This statement rings true in the album that was originally released in July 2011.

While this particular track is about the more fairy-tale-like side of love, it makes for some great listening.  So go and see what gets Ms. Stroup rated as one of Prairie Home Companion’s “Top 20 Songwriters Under 30”.  Her music harkens the spirit of The Weepies and Ingrid Michaelson, making it the perfect thing for say, getting ready on a warm spring day.  So get listening, people.  Don’t waste another minute not knowing who she is.  And take my word for it, you’ll love her 😉

Much love,