Genre: hardcore/punk

Fucked Up - The Chemistry Of Common Life

Fucked Up are a band of such rebellion, it’s hard to believe they were only formed just over 10 years ago. The almost-screaming vocals and fast-paced songs are so punk it’s ridiculous – back to the 70s anyone?

This band are notorious for their destrcutive, old-school punk mannerisms – on one MTV performance they smashed the whole place to pieces (with audience-involvement).

This is totally reflected in the music – fast-paced, wholly edge-y and so packed full of passion, this is a band that makes you want to join in the destruction and also scream FUCK YOU at the world. What makes them stand out, in my opinion, is the genuinely interesting and contrasting musical dynamic – a wide array of instruments are manipulated throughout this album, and I think they really bring something to the table regarding punk as a whole.

What I love the most is the vocals and lyrics – “Pink Eyes” on vocals has such a unique voice, and with this, the poetic lyrics become somewhat more alive. The highly instrumental sections really add something to the music as well – you can just imagine the craziness that occurs at live shows in those sections.

A band worth listening to…

C x