Genre: grunge/rap-metal


Deftones are an unusual band – they were one of the first to invest in the grungier-metal sound, and to incorporate a huge variety of different vocal styles into their music. Formed in the late 80s, their sound developed well into the 90s and they’re a band that’s still active today. The development of their music is easily seen through the 90s, along with other bands such as Rage Against The Machine and Korn.

This album is their debut, from 1995; receiving major success, this album set the band’s career path out well.

The album defines the band’s sound – with the epitome of heavy riffs and softer, contrasting vocals to overlay. The catchy, heavy riffs show the range of influences and we see the beginning of a band with experimental values. The vocals for each song never fail to surprise me – whispered, screamed, sung, rapped… It’s all there. The lyrics follow the vocal patterns, and show the passion behind the band as a whole. We don’t see a development in playing styles, unlike with more commercially successful bands such as Korn, but the overall style of the band is so unique that they have to accredited.

Recommendable if you also like the Nirvana-style.

C x