The great Charlie Parker. The musical icon for an entire generation: the beat one. American young people that, during the 50’s rejected the classical american values and looked for their own vision of live, basing it on the oriental philosophy, and freedom in all its forms.

Imagine people like Jack Kerouac or Allen Gingsberg between others, shaking their hips and all their body in some New York dirty holes, where the music never stopped playing and the sweat and the alcohol were mixed in a lively ambience.

Charlie Parker was born in New York in 1920. He played the saxophone and with others jazz musicians of that time as Dizzie Gillespie revolutionized the most classical Jazz giving it another vision:the improvisation was the main character.

This is a song that is one of the Jazz and Bepop standars: “Ornithology”. In live, Massachusetts, 1952.

Judge yourself and “beat” that tune.