I’m going to be honest. I’ve known Andres Pichardo, a.k.a. Grand Resort for most of my life. We grew up together in a small, sleepy beach town on the Southern coast of the Dominican Republic, a place more famous for its sugar cane and baseball players than musicians (and much less the scourge of the earth, music bloggers).  Even though I was several years older than he was, his excellent musical taste, technical chops and infectious sense of humour always impressed me. These qualities translate into his music, whether as part of a band, or this, his first solo project. But don’t let my obvious bias get in the way of your enjoyment of Microscopic, the lead single from Grand Resort’s debut album Vanguard Dreams.

With whispers of Neon Indian, Astro Coast, and dare I say it – Joy Division, Grand Resort has a bright future ahead of him. Enjoy the track, and you can download it here.