Grunge panorama wouldn’t be what it is without the presence of Pearl Jam. Imagine Seattle, twenty years ago. The city was a nest of musicians of this genre: Soundgarden, Nirvana, Mother Love Bone (which after would turn into Pearl Jam), Alice in Chains, Mudhoney, etc… Pearl Jam’s talent emerged as Eddie Vedder’s voice does in this track.

“Release” talks about the loss of Eddie’s father and contains a big deal of melancholy, rage and impotence … Not only because of his death, but for the lack of a relationship, because Eddie never met him. Being more precise, Eddie met him a couple of times, but without knowing he was his father. Maybe this hurts even more.

Once you have clicked the “play”, prepare yourself to be teleported to Eddie’s head and feelings. Because only a band like Pearl Jam can do that. They are not just good, they are simply the best.

Judge yourself and enjoy the tune.