Genre: indie/punk

Die! Die! Die! - Promises, Promises

Now before you judge Die! Die! Die! based on their rather odd name choice, let me convince you to listen to them. Die! Die! Die! are an indie/punk band from New Zealand who’s unique sound is pretty hard to miss.

Their jumpy and energetic music is unusual to hear from a more modern band but I would definitely recommend this album – their second of three, with the third turning towards a more drum and bass sound. The rough vocals, ostinato guitar riffs and heavy bass and drums are refreshing to listen to – the sharp sound is so different. Even so, every song on the album is different, despite obviously being from the same band, and is worth listening ti the whole way through. However, I would personally recommend “Death To The Last Romantic” as the song to listen to for a feel of the band.

If you like Yuck then I would definitely give this band a listen (and vice versa).

C x