Genre: indie, acoustic


Bombay Bicycle Club are a rather young indie band from London. Their first album came out in 2009 to great critical acclaim and things have gone up since then – Flaws was their second (of three) albums and released in 2010. It was also their first fully acoustic album.

The songs throughout this song are gentle and easy to listen to, with BBC’s signature light guitar riffs and catchy vocals. Jack Steadman (lead singer) really pulls off the singing, which completely compliments the mood of the album. This album, being acoustic, also seems to focus the band’s folk influences a little more – this shines through, particularly on the last song, Swansea.

In my opinion, My God and Flaws are the songs to listen to on the album, but as a whole it really works well and put them in a different direction compared with the music the band had previously been released. However, if you like your indie to be a bit more energetic, then I would recommend listening to literally any of the band’s other released material – they really nail the indie band stereotype (in a good way!).

Also, if you do like BBC I would recommend listening to Lucy Rose – she guest sings on Flaws and some other BBC material, but is a solo musician in her own right and has some beautiful music (although still unsigned, look her up on YouTube).

C x