Welcome one and all to the wonderfully strange and magical world of SBTRKT. A very much deep underground man that has reared his face into the aboveground scene. Recently included NME’s “50 Best New Bands Of 2011” poll SBTRKT challenge everything that is popular about popular music and shake it up. This leaves them him with a mash of dubstep and noise to which to stamp his trademark brilliance onto.

Other wise known as Aaron Jerome a former music producer from London, SBTRKT started life by remixing tracks by bands like Radiohead, Mark Ronson and Bacement Jaxx. But in 2009 after growing frustration with a lack of progression he began to try his own thing. This had lead him to gather a someone cult following, with many people bringing copies of his famous masked face to his gigs.

If i had to compare this music to anyone I would recommend bands like Nedry, Worship and Radiohead (In rainbows version).

SBTRKT show imagination and a clear want to push music forward to find the elusive new sound to define a generation. Wether this will pave the way for the sound of music in the future i dont know. All i know is I like it and i hope you do to.

The track above is called “Wildfire” and is off his self titled début album, which is available almost everywhere.

If you like the sound of SBTRKT jump on his bandwagon here.