Today is a sad day for the music world,but not only for the ones who were keen on soul, but for all the people that appreciate good music.

Etta James has gone at the age of 73 years old. But her music has not gone with her. Her legacy, her voice, her songs still remain here with us.

She started her solo carreer at the end of the 50’s in one of the greatest record companies of that time: Chess Records. More or less by the same time another greatest record company would arise: Motown. The golden period for american music. I recommend you to see “Cadillac Records” film, which is about the 50’s musical period in Chicago and the work of Chess Records.

This song is one of my favourites of Etta: I’d rather go blind. It talks about how it hurts to see the one you love walking by with another person. It hurts so much that you would rather go blind.

A majestic voice, a strong character, a brilliant artist.

Thank you Etta.