Growing up, I had a Sega Megadrive just like this one.

My mum bought my dad the console for his 30th birthday and I became the justification for him to spend hours playing Street Fighter. I was always Chun-Li. He was always E. Honda.

I’ve grown up. Owned a Playstation 2, a Wii and spent countless hours playing my friend’s Playstation 3 thanks to my decision to join a friendship group consisting solely of males. None of these consoles or games I have played on these consoles have even compared to those I played on the Sega Megadrive.

Below are my five highlights.


A game featuring giant babies, clones, werewolves, zombies and a whole host of useless neighbours and bystanders that only you, with your ray gun, can save from certain death. Not only were the levels always entertaining and surprising, but the game was always a challenge. The music was always brilliant too.

Street Fighter 

A favourite even now with gamers, but before it was ruined with the high tech and, in my opinion, overly complicated effects, it was a quaint and hilariously stereotypical mission to become street fighting champion of the world. Brilliant characters, music and storyline. The special moves of each character always kept it interesting, and I always loved how each fighter seemed to have their own personality. Who didn’t hate Zangief and not really know why?

Sonic the Hedgehog

It is tragic what has happened to Sonic over the years. The original is THE game to own on the Sega Megadrive. Having a Megadrive without Sonic is like owning a Game Boy without a Pokemon game. The levels are long and diverse accompanied by iconic and fantastic music. Owning the ‘new and improved’ Sonic games without having played the original is a sin.


A lesser known game than the others, but just kind of wonderful. You are the paperboy, riding through increasingly tough neighbourhoods in order to deliver papers to waiting customers. Earn points by delivering papers to the correct houses, but also by smashing windows, plant pots and dogs. I always sucked at this one, but still loved it.

Streets of Rage

Fight on the streets using anything you can find as a weapon. Crow bars and knives litter the ground like trash, and it’s your job to fight your way through the city to safety. A game build on the camaraderie of gang violence. Simpler times.