So I guess I’m what you would call a city girl. I’ve lived in Tel-Aviv my whole life, and I’m obsessed with the city’s restaurants, bars, music and of course the beaches.


Tel-Aviv on one of its better-looking days

But as much as I Iove the city, I can’t deny I sometimes dream of moving to some quiet, slower , greener place, where I will of course become a charming arts n’ crafts goddess, who is perfectly balanced, eats healthy and is a Pilates enthusiast. In this scenario, I will always be nice, smile to everyone and will love the outdoors.

In reality, I can’t go 3 days without a hamburger/Pizza/Ice cream or this amazing cheese-sausage-and-poached-egg filled croissant thing we have here. Seriously, if you are around – you have to try it, at “La Gaterie”. You won’t regret it (though your cholesterol level might).
Find them

Yes, this is for real.

Oh, and I haven’t been to the gym in over 2 months, I’m afraid of pretty much every animal (including large dogs) and hate to sleep in tents – feels dirty.

The outdoors kind of make me feel uncomfortable.

But I digress.

Regarding said dream, my fiancé and I sometimes talk about getting a group of 10-20 friends together and moving with everyone to a remote spot in northern Israel – there we will all live in complete harmony and breath the cool clean air of the mountains. A couple of days ago, some friends were over and we talked about this notion. What my friend Oren had to say was: “Yeah, I’ve talked about a similar idea with a bunch of my friends, but after discussing it we realized that it would mean leaving Tel-Aviv. And that was the end of that discussion”.

In a sentence, that’s how I feel about my city. It’s sometimes noisy, it’s insanely expensive it’s always jammed with cars – but I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else.

I’ll sign off with my “to do in TLV” tips of the week:

 First of all, Check out the Tel-Aviv street art exhibition at the “Helena Rubinstein Pavilion”. Made me realize how many talented artists work in Tel-Aviv’s streets. This was probably my favorite piece, by “Know Hope”.

I love the way the birds fly across the different types of wooden pieces. Beautiful.

Secondly, Get to know the band “Jack in the box”. You don’t need to speak Hebrew in order to enjoy this one. I came across this link and I couldn’t stop playing it since. I even went with some friends to their concert, the entrance was free of charge and there were maybe 30 people there. Was completely amazing.