AGIHK decided she will post 2 lists: the first one will be those of 10 things you want to make sure you GIVE to those you love. Or you don’t love but you have to get presents for them anyway.

The second list will be things you need to ensure you GET. Let’s get this started. 

1. Tasteless chips. Zero calories, edible paper, so cool. Almost nutritionless.

2. Books need to rest, they contain all those informations, and you keep folding them, opening them… Book rest lamp is what everybody is missing. 

3. The recipe project. A delectable extravaganza of food and music. If you cannot really understand what it is even better – it makes it chic + it is sold at Colette.

4. Some like it hot. Melodic Kettle is an historical piece by Alessi. Italian, looks good in a loft, in a cozy home and so on.

5. If it is a girl she’ll love you forever if you get her a shearling lined trapper hat by Karl Donoghue… Gifts have to be exceptional not something to wear everyday or get her a blue sweater from Zara.

6. Yes, buy a piece of art. Online.

7. A professional set of markers, we all need this.

8.  A biolifting restoring mask. Your friend will be grateful, nobody looks good after a Christmas Party.

9. A dream box. To store dreams, pictures and letters. Limited edition AND custom made: Soul Factory by Giovanni Alessi Anghini.

10. La grande Dame by Veuve Clicquot – but this is tricky, will your fried toast with you or somedoby else? Hah.


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