Freebord – The coolest new thing in extreme sports, you ask? Without a doubt: Freebord. In essence, a skateboard that simulates snowboarding. A little larger than your average skateboard, with bindings and a total of 6 wheels. There are trucks on each end, with 2 wheels, just like a skateboard and these “edge” wheels are used to simulate the edge of a snowboard for full carving ability. The remaining two wheels are the “center” wheels, which lay inward from the trucks and rotate a full 360 degrees to simulate the base of the snowboard. With the bindings mounted on top of the board, a rider can carve down hills, control their speed and stop on toe and heel side just like they would on the slopes. The bindings are adjustable so that each ride can customize to his or her preference and unlike on a snowboard, your feet are never locked into the binding so you can easily step off of the board at your own free will.

Every summer, the Freebord team goes across the US to ride all the best hills with local riders.  They hit everywhere from Radford, VA to San Francisco, CA (where they are based), to Brussels, Belgium and Bordeaux, France. Freebord distributes in stores worldwide and on their website. Learn all there is to know at