June. That month of the year smack in the middle when people start talking about the Christmas coming up and most of us, if you’re anything like me, are still stuck on the Christmas that has just passed. It’s the month where we get the ‘oh gosh, time flies by so quickly’ panic, where we realise that the resolutions we had set either have or have not yet been achieved, when we refocus on what we want and set goals to make the next six months even better. Perhaps it’s the time of Half Year Resolutions. That ought to be a thing.

So, where exactly has the year gone? Six months ago I was a pretty happy girl, living in a little bubble of love and pink sparkles and flowing champagne (figuratively speaking). The bubble has popped. Destroyed by a giant shark-shaped knife of gloom and darkness (sharks are scary; just imagine it). Now I feel like I’m just this little girl floating through the world experiencing new things left, right, and centre. I wasn’t thrown into the deep end. I was dropped into the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. And that wasn’t very nice. So now I’m in unchartered territory and experiencing new things and feeling completely overwhelmed most of the time. It’s scary. And exciting.


I read a quote the other day – ‘The horrifying moment when you’re looking for an adult but then you realise that you’re an adult. So, you look for an older adult, someone successfully adulting. An adultier adult’. Story of my life. That’s what I’m looking for.


So, how did I end up in the middle of the Atlantic (still being figurative here)? Well, for one, I started my own business. I’m sure most of you have already checked it out. But if you haven’t, where have you been? Jokes. Check it out – It’s pretty cool. I’m proud. And terrified. Point is, something like that comes along and you realise, hey, I’m an adult, no one’s here to hold my hand. Mommy can’t do this for me. Hence the search for an adultier adult. I think that’s what mentors are meant to be. Or unicorns. Magical creatures that make life easier. As you can tell I have no hope of finding an adultier adult. Except for James, the wonderful Dead Curious editor, who has been the most adultier adult I could find.

But, at the end of the day, the only way to learn what the adultier adult knows is by trial and error. Surely that’s the only thing an adultier adult has on you – time, experience, wisdom. There’s nothing in this world you can’t learn if you apply yourself. Except maybe the location of unicorns. Or if the chicken or the egg came first. That puzzles me. But perhaps we should all turn away from the search for an adultier adult to the development of becoming an adultier adult. Hey, I feel empowered already. So, here’s to happy adultiering in this adult world! Let’s all be awesome together.