Old or young, male or female, it’s likely that you’ll at least have heard of the game of bingo, even if you actually haven’t played it. However, if you haven’t yet played the game, you may be wondering why so many people choose to play it when there are so many games around that, frankly, look a lot more interesting.

Appearances can be deceptive though, and though bingo may look like a simple and unassuming game, it’s actually one of those games that have different layers of interest attached to them. Let’s take a closer look at why more than 100 million people have signed up to play bingo.

The simplicity of the game of bingo is actually one of its big advantages. There are times when you want to play a game that takes no mental effort, and the most effort you’ll have to make to play bingo is in deciding which game to join in and how many tickets to buy. When you play online, you can choose to use the auto-daub feature so that you don’t have to even bother listening to the number calls; the software marks the matching numbers on your cards for you. You can play games that require thought and decision-making at other times; when you just want to relax, go for a game of bingo.

The fact that you don’t have to give a game of bingo your whole focus means that you have time to do other things while you play – this could be playing one of the many side games that the bingo sites have available, or talking to other players in the bingo chat rooms. Actually, many online bingo players would probably agree that they are on a bingo site more to chat first and play bingo second. As each chat room is managed by a chat moderator, there’s always a welcoming atmosphere in the rooms and players know they can always find company there, whatever time of day or night they log in.

Of course, you can’t get away from the fact that bingo has cash prizes to play for, which is an obvious part of the attraction of the game. But even if you don’t win a big jackpot, the game is always good value. When you register to play at any of the main sites like Winner, 32Red and Gala Bingo, you’ll get some free playing credit as a thanks from the site for signing up. The new bingo sites like Winner Bingo also offer lots of free-to-play games for their depositing players – as a reward for their players’ loyalty. The chances of winning one of the big bingo games are pretty slim, but many players enjoy a consistent amount of small wins, so that they don’t have to add new money into their bingo account that often.

The game of bingo has a lot going for it; it’s potentially far more rewarding than a game of Candy Crush as it has cash prizes attached to it, it’s sociable and it’s easy. It’s no wonder so many people make it their online game of choice.