So, I got mugged. Never a particularly fun experience. But, luckily, I wasn’t alone, and Patrick, whom you’ll remember from previous blogs, handled the situation remarkably well, and we came out of it unscathed and only a couple of hundred rand short. It’s easy to dwell on the dangers of the Mother City, but, honestly, it seems like muggings happen everywhere. I’ve been meandering through this city for years, and nothing’s ever happened before. Nevertheless, I was in quite a bit of shock after that unfortunate experience, and it led me to contemplate this thing called life (yet again) and really pushed my belief in making things happen.

So, needless to say, I’ve been a busy girl. I spent time setting up my Facebook page, which I’d like to use to share my acting, modelling, and writing endeavours. I set up my new blog (I Love Foodies, in case you’ve missed it). I even had a lovely conversation with Dead Curious editor, James Bell, who motivated me to set up a Google+ profile. That one I still haven’t quite figured out yet and my page is yawningly bare, but hopefully I’ll get my head wrapped around that soon.

And then, rather unexpectedly, I found a link to an article in my inbox from a dear friend and photographer, Kassandra (check out her work on Kass Photography– she’s fantastic!), with congratulations of making it on to the 10 of Namibia’s Hottest Women list. Very surprised, slightly blushing and embarrassed, but still kind of cool.

Kass Photography

Photo by: Kass Photography

It’s so wonderful to have all these things happen and to be working on different projects and have different things coming together. I’m quite hyped right now, with various tabs open on my laptop, moving between writing, copyediting, and Miley Cyrus advocating twerking through my headphones; plus, I have half a million ideas racing through my mind.

See, I believe that the more you have to do, the more you want to do things and the more motivated you are to make them happen. With everything I complete – whether it’s editing an article, writing a blog, or setting up a profile – I want to do more. Sure, every now and then it gets incredibly overwhelming and my brain goes into overdrive (and automatic shut-down only to be rectified by food and movies – or naps. I like naps), but, in general, I’m quite liking this excitement for life and work and achievement. Hopefully it’ll stick around and make me want to get tons more done. Maybe you’ll be inspired to make something happen as well, and we can enjoy this wonderful energy together. Here’s to making it happen!