Luxury means something very different to people from different walks of life, but let’s look at the everyday Londoner with some disposable income… I see luxury as a reward or treat to spoil yourself with, this has two aspects Lifestyle & Goods.



Within both of these you have characteristics’ which we will go through, and then speak about specifics. Some say there are 6 P’s to luxury( People, product, price, passion, pleasure, purpose) for me it comes down to Service, Quality and Style which encompasses the above but were the first words to come to mind.

For any luxury item you need Service, the service is part of the luxury, having people that connect with the customer is fundamental. The best luxury brands have well trained brand ambassadors that are there to showcase the product and give a little bit extra to the customer. This could be styling advice, friendly and helpful service or just listening as some people know what they want but still like to tell someone to help them decide.

The product is of major importance; here the first thing that comes to mind is Quality. When we buy into a brand we first want to know it will last and if it doesn’t it will be replaced. The product has a certain finish and detail and often comes with a bit extra such as care equipment or travel storage. All luxury items want to focus on heritage, it shows longevity and that all the aspects of luxury have been maintained for many years. I recently wrote an article about Bacardi, and their summer campaign is centered around the family name, that it has stood the test of time. With the above comes integrity that you know you can trust the brand that is built on strong values and ethics.

It is said that money can’t buy Style, but buy the entire S/S 15 and you will look stylish. It is that need to look good, whether for ourselves or for others, that lets us follow fashion. If we did not care what we looked like then the catwalks would be bare. We need to know who is wearing the latest luxurious items and then it trickles down into society and becomes the fashion of that time in space. When it comes to the luxury brands they make it easy to acquire style, we see what is on offer and buy into it. Here endorsements’ are import; we want to see the popular people of the generation wearing the goods. It has been done for years but even more so now seeing film stars representing brands such as Eva Mendes for Vogue Eyewear, Georgia Jagger for Sunglass Hut.

Georgia May Jagger and Jerry Hall for Sunglasshut

Georgia May Jagger and Jerry Hall for Sunglass Hut


Sunglass Hut

Vogue Eyewear Eva Mendes

Vogue Eyewear Eva Mendes

The person shopping in Luxury is often very passionate as this is in many cases how they gained their means; due to this passion. This can be expressed in various ways but more recently online in blogs and forums, hence the brand or business needs to be fully immersed and present online showing their passion. Repeating from above the people representing the brand need to show their passion for it.

The price does need to be fair but stand apart for the rest giving it its exclusivity. If everyone could afford a Prada wardrobe maybe they would not be popular or maybe everyone would be amazingly dressed, who knows. But it is the rarity of the item that makes it appeal even more. In a world of mass production, to buy something unique is truly a luxury.

I feel Lifestyle is a great luxury, the way you live. Looking after yourself, being a member of the gym or going away on a yoga retreat in the country.

Yoga in the country

Yoga in the country

The food you eat, does it feed your body and keep you healthy? This also includes where you go away to on holiday, going snowboarding, seeing the world even if through staying in backpackers is a huge luxury. Those that follow these lifestyles are the people that buy into luxury brands. That is why lifestyle is an important aspect of luxury. We enjoy eating out, going to see live music and even taking it to the next level of going to music festivals such as Glastonbury or ones abroad. Here by combining travel, music and festivals. Travelling abroad to get away from the busy lives London and the west offers has become really popular, seeing people escape to places like India and Morocco for a bit of luxury.

The entry level is the consumer goods such as perfume, scarves and sunglasses even handbags can be an achievable luxury. Hereby buying into those qualities mentioned above. Whatever your view of luxury make sure you allow yourself to enjoy it. Let us know what your view on luxury is; we would love to hear from you.