Lost Kitten by Metric was probably one of the favourites on their last album Synthetica. Perky bells along with the cherished Metric-style rhythmic guitar, not to mention Emily Haines’ angelic voice breezily depicting our lost kitten’s despair.

Incidentally, the video was long awaited, what was enhanced by the band’s posting of messages about the shooting of the video on social media and counting down til its release.
Then it was out. Unexpected for sure, but nonetheless brilliant.

As opposed to the interpretation of a vulnerable young woman in relation to a man suggested by the lyrics, the video shows a man, dressed in Emily Haines’ style, desperately seeking his mother in Mexico City. The filming reminds of a travel movie and displays Mexico City like we rarely see it. And just for your eyes, it is concluded by a beautiful demonstration of Vogue dancing performed by the young man while traveling on Lake Xochimilco.

I did not understand all of the video’s content when I first watched it but I found some enlightening explanations in the comment section: the man is looking for the mother of his Vogue House.

For more details about the reading of the video, check Metric’s blog, in the meantime I’ll let you watch the video and get as much as you can from it:

Metric’s Synthetica is available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and really should be at your local record store.