The question, which football fans around the world are asking, is Spain poised to win the World Cup, again? The odds-makers seem to think this is in all likelihood going to be the case, so it would seem to be quite the safe pick in the unpredictable world of International Football. However, what’s not unpredictable, is why La Furia just keep on winning… Spain has become the world’s top sporting nation.

Coming off 2 European Cups with a World Cup victory in between, can anyone stop Spain?

Sure, they’re top of the table in Basketball and Tennis, but it’s the beautiful game that’s Spain’s big draw. Of course, if you’d won back-to-back European Championships with a World Cup in between leading up to Brazil 2014, hoisting the trophy in the Maracanã would be a foregone conclusion. It’s not as if the best players in the world are all Spanish, but even the ones who aren’t seem to want to play there. La Liga has been Europe’s strongest league in the UEFA rankings for over a decade, and Spain’s big two clubs, Real Madrid and Barcelona, have dominated the Champions League. Top international players like Argentina’s Lionel Messi, Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldo, Mexico’s Giovani dos Santos, and Wales’ Gareth Bale all ply their trade in the Primera División, taking the skills perfected on Spanish pitches back to their own national teams, and foreign clubs are clamoring for Spanish talent. Arsenal’s Santi Cazorla, Chelsea’s Juan Mata, plus Napoli’s Raúl Albiol bring great technical play learned from the short passing and movement of the Spanish ‘tiki-taka’ style to the top clubs in England and Italy.


With technical proficiency, unequaled conditioning, and a style of play that just keeps them winnings, it’s easy to see why Spain look set to repeat as champions of the world. And, with the rest of the world seeking to catch the Spaniards on and off the pitch, there’s only really one thing to do, since beating them looks rather doubtful… Join them! The best way to do this, is going to learn the Spanish ways hands on. ISC Spain’s football camps on the stunning Costa Blanca teach young players the secrets of Spanish success on pitch, while instilling some of their envied culture off it. There’s not a better way or place to learn how to play like a Spaniard, and who wouldn’t want to do that?